We’ve moved to 27 State Street. Come play Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4pm!

Plushes & Dolls

We all remember having that one special stuffed animal as a kid, why not come in and find your child’s new favorite, fuzzy friend? We offer a wide variety of animals and creatures, from sloths to rainbow narwhales! We even have the throwback toy, Pound Puppies!

Not only do we have a large groups of stuffed animals, we also have one of the most diverse doll collection in all of New England.  We have people traveling from all over to browse our amazing collection of dolls!

We have all your classic Barbies, but we also have all of your favorite movie characters from movies like Harry Potter.  We even have a Bernie Sanders paper doll that you can dress up in different costumes and outfits!

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