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This Week's Featured Product
Slacklines, Ninjalines, Ziplines, Swings, Tree Climbing Kits, Rope Ladders, and more
Suggested By: Woodbury Mountain Toys

“One of my all-time favorite companies! Let’s get our yayas out with Slacklines, Ninjalines, Ziplines, swings, tree climbing kits, rope ladders, and more. Turn your backyard into the best obstacle course ever!”

Our Favorite Products
All our favorite products are available in-store!
Lava Lamps
Razor Scooters
Bird Slap Bracelets

“Woodbury Mountain toys has been a downtown fixture on State Street in Montpelier since 1991. It does take a village to raise a child and we’ve loved watching our kids and families grow. The after-school crowd of youngsters are comfortable enough to come in and play with us, picking up a yo-yo to try out or maybe find a hiding spot for a stuffed animal that they really cherish. So many times children walk in the store and their eyes light up, amazed at the fabulous selection of toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals, science kits, Legos, Playmobil and more that we have in stock.

Many say “this is the best toy-store ever!” which is music to our ears. The shelves are packed to the brim with educational, fun high-quality toys for imaginative and creative play. Giving back to the community, we continuously support hundreds of fundraising events held by local Schools, libraries, nonprofit organizations, sporting events and oh so many more. Our downtown is a strong and vibrant community that relies on the symbiotic relationship created throughout. We love and appreciate our costumers and hope to be here for many more years!”

Thank you from Woodbury Mountain Toys!

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